CloudHealth+: A Smart Doctor-Patient Communication system

Healthcare is considered one of the fundamental basic necessities in most of the developed world. However, with a population of upwards of 160 million, healthcare is nowhere near as easily accessible as many of our neighbors, which is a primary cause of concern for many people around our country. CloudHealth+ is a primary healthcare service designed with the goal of making healthcare available to anyone within reach of a mobile network. The application and all the companion services of the CloudHealth+ platform primarily aim at providing primary health care advice within a short-term time frame, tracking medical history automatically, and, if needed, booking a physical visit to a doctor through the application, an online-based prescription system for the convenience of doctors and patients amongst other things. Overall the primary goal is to improve the quality of interaction and treatment between the patient and the doctor, This paper describes our final year project which includes an android mobile application, a web based control panel, a centralized database and a website as part of a broad basic healthcare platform. The application, web-based control panel, and website were all developed using various javascript technologies and php along with MySQL for the database and user access control. Other web development technologies were heavily used as well in the design and interactivity of all the client applications.
Department Name
Electrical and Computer Engineering
North South University
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