A Study of HRM Practices in the Apparel Industry in Bangladesh: A Social Perspective

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North South Business Review
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The article examined the current HRM practices in the manufacturing industry in Bangladesh, most prominently in the apparel sector which is the most important booster of economic growth for the country. Unfortunately, research has shown that the industry has observed lack of leadership and managerial proficiency which has led to various devastating accidents and fierce labour protests. The study was able to scrutinize the gap and some future managerial implications based on analysis of information from different scholarly resources. The entire article was constructed and analysed from a social perspective to pinpoint the under covered societal issues which leads to different other problems in countries like Bangladesh where the societal structure is the base for most of the management practices locally. The Government and many international organizations like IMF, World Bank have lent hand and given immense support to the industry, but the development path is still hindered. Since most of the researches earlier conducted research on the health and safety issues in this industry and general HRM practices, this paper will allow readers to further perceive the concerned issues from societal viewpoint in terms of leadership and management from the very core that has allowed spread of all other branches of complications and unrest. The findings of this paper have indicated that there is no standard HRM structure practiced in factories and the core issue is the absent role of efficient leaders and motivating executives.
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