North South Business Review (NSBR)

North South Business Review (NSBR) is a peer reviewed business journal. This journal is published by School of Business & Economics of North South University which is a leading business school in South Asia. However, it is regulated by the Editorial Board comprised by internationally famous scholars in business filed from USA, Canada, UK, and Bangladesh. The journey of this journal has been started from 1996. Since 2013, this journal has been published two issues each year. The North South Business Review (NSBR) is a journal dedicated to publishing theoretical, conceptual, applied and fundamental research in multidimensional fields of business and development. NSBR provides researchers with an avenue to make significant contributions to emerging issues in business. The journal encourages article submissions that position the foundation for future investigations. Hence, NSBR also encourages research papers that apply theory developed from business study to actual business scenario. Recognizing the complex relationship between many areas of business and service related activities, NSBR examines a wide variety of business decisions, processes, and performance within interdisciplinary setting. Theoretical and empirical studies of managers’ behavior, financial planning, organizational relations, marketing strategy, risk strategy and international business are also encouraged on a regular basis.


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