Exploring the Level of Acceptance of e-Newspapers over Print Newspapers

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North South Business Review
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Newspapers have been a dominant medium of communication and knowledge transfer around the world for over four centuries. Recently, due to the exponential rise of the Internet and online platforms to satisfy the knowledge demands of consumers, news consumers are slowly shifting to digital platforms to consume news. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption process of digital channels and e-newspapers, and potentially questions the relevance of printed newspapers. The objective of this study is to understand the behavioral change or acceptance of Bangladeshi newspaper readers in light of the rising demand for e-newspapers. This study applies a qualitative approach where in-depth interviews of 60 people from diverse demographic backgrounds and geographical locations were conducted for data collection. According to the findings, e-newspapers are considered to be faster, accessible, and convenient especially to young generation. However, quality of connection, news trustworthiness, digital literacy and cost related to e-newspaper reading are some of the factors that are still considered as not that improved or developed. On the other hand, printed newspapers still count as an icon of the habit, cultural heritage, convenience of reading and storing, and affordability to middle aged and elderly generation. Therefore, the finding of this research suggests the coexistence of both print newspapers and e-newspapers as both versions have demand. While the younger generation may be comfortable with the transition to e- newspapers, the general newspaper readers especially professionals from sub-urban areas along with older generation both in metropolitan cities and sub-urban areas still prefer print newspapers.
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