Sustainable Green Marketing: Increasing Awareness of Recyclable Items

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North South Business Review
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Managing waste has become a crucial issue in Bangladesh, especially at the advent of COVID 19 Pandemic. In Dhaka alone, approximately 6500 metric tons of waste are produced every day, with only 40% of this waste is correctly disposed of and managed. Bangladesh is aspiring to become a middle-income country within a few years, and waste management plays a vital role in ensuring that happens. The main objectives of this paper are to understand the nature of recyclable materials, the demand for these materials in the local market, business trends, and how to maintain sustainable economic growth through business. It also outlines the contribution of the informal recycling sector to the national economy and provides some policy recommendations regarding this sector. The study is aimed to assess recyclable eco-friendly product producers and build a green platform to combat global warming. This paper examined a method aligned with business principles that investigated whether this method would be effective and plausible in empowering those who are currently involved in waste management, and encouraging them to recycle and produce eco-friendly products, simultaneously encouraging sustainable development in the community, while also letting them earn a decent livelihood. This study utilized primary data through a questionnaire survey on 450 workers living in Bangladesh. The sample collections followed a purposive random sampling. The two latent exogenous constructs, namely training of recyclable items collections and attitude towards green marketing, are significant variables to achieve sustainable livelihood vis-à-vis economic growth.
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